What are the Causes of Vagina Expansion

The most obvious cause of vaginal enlargement is births. The vaginal width is about 2 cm on average. This width reaches up to 15 cm during birth. It is possible to say that all the muscle tissues around the vagina are deformed and torn after this expansion. For this reason, we can explain why there are normal deliveries under the title of Vagina Expansion Causes. The vagina does not revert to its old structure and firmness after tears in the muscle tissue during normal birth and cannot reach its old stenosis. However, vaginal enlargements occur due to the increase in the number of sexual intercourse. However, this situation has some effect on vaginal enlargement although not much. In order to make the delivery easier during the delivery of the baby during vaginal delivery and to prevent ruptures which extend towards the macula, incisions called episiotomies are made. After the baby's exit, this incision is closed by sewing. If this stitch is not disposed properly, there may be problems in infections or recovery. In these cases, enlargements are observed in the vagina. Another reason affecting the expansion is; age. With the progression of the age, relaxation of whole body tissue is observed. However, stretching may occur with relaxation in the muscle tissues and connective tissues around the vagina. The elasticity of the muscles and connective tissues, followed by enlargements in the vagina.

Some women may have collagen tissue differences. The indirect textures of these differences are very flexible. Therefore, vaginal enlargements are more common in such individuals. In addition, these enlargements, which cause a major problem at an earlier age, lead to treatment for vaginal enlargement in the 20s. As a result of vaginal enlargement, a number of sexual problems, this problem for many women and causes a table annoying. Causes of Vagina Expansion: What are the issues discussed in the title of both aesthetic and functional deformations accompanied by these problems are removed by vaginal narrowing operations. Risk Factors Causing Vagina Expansion Causes of Vagina Expansion There are a number of risk factors outside the above-mentioned elements in the topic. Menopause, in particular, is an important risk factor for vaginal expansion. The estrogen hormone, which is actively released during the fertile period, helps the muscles and connective tissues in the pelvic structures to be strong. However, due to a decrease in the level of estrogen after menopause, the power in this pelvic region is lost. In addition, vaginal enlargement of the vaginal region of the muscles and connective tissues accompanied by loosening. As is known, uterus, uterus is located in the support structure located in the upper part of the vagina. Hysterectomy procedure also refers to the removal and removal of the uterus. In cases where the uterus is taken, the upper part of the vagina may fall into the vaginal opening. In this case, vaginal dome prolapse occurs and leads to enlargement. When all the reasons and risk factors mentioned above are considered, it is possible to summarize the factors that cause vaginal enlargement. Birth Age Menopause Race Obesity Deformations of tissues and muscles Disorders of nerves and tissues Past pelvic surgeries



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