What is stuttering

Educators working in educational institutions of all grades frequently encounter this language disorder which is caused by the structural situation in students. It is important that the trainer cooperates with the therapist in the treatment of stuttering. According to M. Nadoleczny, stuttering can be defined as a spasmodic expression neurosis coming from the structural situation as a neural response in the area of ​​language coordination. In the occurrence of the disorder, which is mostly located at the age of three years, there is a share in the effects of the genealogy effects, structural features, educational errors, disputes in the parents' house and perhaps early learning of several languages. However, it is not yet fully understood how stuttering occurred. Typical symptoms of the disorder are the pathological discontinuation of breathing disturbances, the suppression of some sounds, especially explosive sounds, and the rapid repetition of the sounds, the percentage of certain movements going parallel to the speech.

Stuttering Therapy He should be careful not to confuse stuttering with another language disorder caused by the structural situation. It can be confused with noisy speech stuttering, which causes a functional discomfort, fussy speech, swallowing, mutilating half of sounds, syllables and words. In this, the disorder is not conscious of stuttering. Because when a loud speaker directs his / her attention to speaking, he / she can speak better than stuttering and be able to repeat words or phrases better. People who speak in the same tone often have a very low memory weakness in terms of word forms. If the motor incompetence of the patient is not excessive or is not present in a heavy composition with stuttering, it is always possible to treat the noisy speech under the guidance of a good language therapist. He should avoid the wrong views of the self-correction, punishment for inability to speak properly. Diagnosis of stuttering is always difficult. Treatment is mostly done with psychotherapy and the drugs are effected on the nervous system and systematic language exercises are done.



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