Underarm Heart Surgery

Heart diseases are the main factors causing sudden deaths. Although studies on the preservation of heart health, new treatment methods developed with the possibilities of current technology for heart diseases reduce the mortality rates due to heart diseases, the methods of protecting public health in the heart area are inadequate. Heart health is important for pumping blood to human organs and working regularly. However, due to some reasons, some problems can be experienced in the heart and heart vessels. Problems such as hardening, narrowing, obstruction or heart valve problems and heart failure are the most common cardiac diseases. In addition to preventive methods, treatment with medication or surgical methods is possible. Heart surgery is the most important application among these methods. Today, heart surgery can be performed with many different methods. What is Armpit Heart Surgery? Open heart surgery is performed with an incision of approximately 6-7 cm from the underarm area. In this technique, any bone is not cut through the surgical ribs. In open heart surgery, the standard technique is to cut the anterior chest wall (sternum bone: faith board) and perform this surgery. Which patients underwent armpit heart surgery? This surgery technique can be applied to all patients with old and young women. Most importantly, this technique may be particularly preferred when a second-time operation is required in patients who had undergone normal heart surgery. Armpit technique can be used for wound healing especially in overweight patients with diabetes.

How is an underarm heart surgery done? The incision is made from the underarm region, not under the breast, and the heart is reached through the ribs. The incision is almost 6-7 cm and a 5-6 cm incision is made from the right armpit to the end of the breast. No bone cutting is performed. After that, the operation will continue according to the type of surgery to be performed. How is the postoperative process? The patients are taken to the intensive care unit after surgery and after a short time they are separated from the respiratory device. Patients can go to the rooms on the first day after surgery. During this period, patients can walk easily, without the help of the daily work can do the level. The mean postoperative day 5 patients were discharged after 1 week. Before and After Heart Surgery If the patient is smoking before heart surgery, he / she must give up this habit. The assessment of previous tests and examinations for heart health must be reported to the doctor, and the list of drugs used must be shown to the doctor in full. Before heart surgery, they should have a dental examination in order to avoid any risk of infection. At the same time, if any vaccine has been made, the doctor should be informed about it. Any operation should be avoided for 8 hours before the operation because it must be opened to the surgery. Contact with other patients in the hospital should be avoided, hand washed frequently and maximum care should be taken for sterilization. The doctor's prescription and recommendations must be followed completely after heart surgery. At the same time, the patient should be well protected against infection. A stress-free lifestyle should be adopted and consumes beneficial nutrients for heart health. Open Heart Surgery, Risks and Post Open heart surgery is a very serious operation. For this reason, there are some risks. The risk of infection develops due to chest injuries. Diabetes patients and overweight patients should pay particular attention. Risk of heart attack or risk of spasms are risks that may occur after open heart surgery. Problems such as shortness of breath, blood loss, headache and rotation, high fever and related memory loss may occur. In order to avoid these risks, experienced physicians should be consulted and the doctor's recommendations must be strictly observed. At the same time, patient visits should be accepted shortly after the surgery. Underarm Heart Surgery Frequently Asked Questions Underarm cardiac surgery allows the heart valve to be repaired and replaced without having to make any other cuts to the body. It is an accepted procedure in national and international congresses; Since 1990, it has been applied in our country as everywhere in the world. The only difference from the preoperative heart surgery is the entrance site.



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