Who Can Apply for Vagina Whitening

The vagina, in other words the genital area, is a very sensitive region compared to other parts of our body. Therefore, a variety of sensitivities and health problems can occur in the genital area. The darkening, darkening, darkening and browning in the vaginal area is one of the consequences of this sensitivity. There is no physical damage to the vagina or genital area. However, vagina blackening can cause some aesthetic concerns and psychological disorders. The most important reason seen in women who prefer vaginal darkening surgery is the aesthetic concerns that women have heard. Women compare themselves with their old images or the images of other women's genital areas. The blackened skin structure, which occurs and occurs in the vaginal area, is an image that is replicated by many women or partners by comparison. In this respect, darkening in the vagina may cause a feeling of insecurity in sexual life and may cause problems in relationships. The blackened skin structure formed over time in the vaginal area can create a bad image compared to the clothing worn, and it can cause situations in which the individual feels bad. Vaginal darkening may occur over time due to various factors. Causes of blacking formation in vagina

Estrogen Hormone Density; one of the most important causes of darkening of the vagina is the intense secretion of estrogen. Estrogen hormone, due to the effect of sunlight, causes the activation of melanocyte cells, ie color pigments. The fact that the genital area is covered with clothing and feathers does not mean that the sun does not reach the harmful rays of the sun. It is extremely easy to reach the ultraviolet rays of the sun to the genital area. Increased melanocyte cells that are activated to protect from sunlight and heat cause darkening and blackening in the genital area. Excessive production of melatonin hormone; The melatonin hormone, which is highly effective on the bioremediation of the human body, is also responsible for the color pigments. Therefore, melatonin hormone overgrowth and darkening occur in the genital region. Pregnancy and birth control pills; Since it causes estrogen hormone increase in women, it causes blackness in the genital area. Progression of age; progressive age factor as a result of changing skin structure and sensitivity, dryness of the skin. Genetic skin structure; hereditary and familial skin structure is prone to darkening condition. There are also blackouts after pregnancy and birth. - Some hormone drugs and various hormonal disorders; hormones, irregularities, redundancies, deficiencies or various hormonal diseases. Excess of adrenal glands Infectious genital area disorders Cysts in ovaries Vitamin deficiencies Unregulated nutrition and unbalanced weight gain; Genital region hair removal; The dead skins that are formed as a result of shaving of the genital area at short intervals or the hair removal applied to the area may cause blackening over time. Irritation effect of cosmetic products in the region Always wear tight clothing and use underwear with low quality fabrics Some drugs used in the genital area, creams or surgical procedures in this region Who Can Apply for Vagina Blackout? Individuals over 18 years of age; Anyone who is older than 18 years of age and who is not pregnant during the period when the transaction is requested can apply for blackout dimming. Individuals who are old and have complaints about the darkness of the vagina Genetic skin structure due to hereditary inheritance in the vagina Individuals with an infectious genital area disorder and who have complaints of blackening in the vagina A number of hormone diseases, hormone drugs that use and therefore, the vagina region, developing the complaint of blackening People who have high estrogen and melatonin hormone ratio can apply to this application if they encounter the problem of browning. People who are exposed to sunlight and complain of vagina. Individuals who experience vaginal dandruff after pregnancy and delivery or after use of birth control pills Individuals who have undergone surgical operations before the genital area and who have been observed to have darkened vaginal area after these surgical operations Individuals experiencing the problem of darkening in the vagina area as a result of some previously used genital area cream and medicines Individuals suffering from vaginal blackening after benign cysts in the ovaries Individuals with complaints of vitamins deficiency, irregular diet and unbalanced weight loss Individuals who complain of vaginal blackness as a result of unconscious use of cosmetic care products in the genital area



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